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   Early Age

Environmental Rating Scale



How the Brain Learns Best

Creating Optimal Environments (more info)





Motvaional Training

Workplace Environment

Team Bulding

Cooperative Workforce

Human Behavior

Key Note Speaker

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Understanding brain development and human behavior is essential. 

Choose from a variety of workshops that educate and engage

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Screening Managing & Strategies

Dyslexia is a genetic phenomenon that creates a learning difference in the brain for reading.  More than 20% of the population is born with dyslexia.  (Read More)



Openning a Child Care Center

Fix a struggeling Business

Interview Practices & Staffing

Policies & Proceedures

Employee Manual

Parent Manual






   Birth to 5   

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Parenting Workshops - Attend one of Dr. Seidman’s educational and interactive workshops on brain development and how to create optimal learning environments for your child.  Dr. Seidman’s workshops provide (Read More)




“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it's stupid.” (Albert Einstein) Every student has a unique brain with strengths and weaknesses.  All students are entitled to an emotionally safe, differentiated instructional, high quality environment.  All students are entitled to optimal learning opportunities according to the way their unique brain learns best.  The Four Brain Essential Learning Steps (4BELS) instructional process was developed based on the latest brain research to achieve these educational goals.  Teachers implementing the 4BELS process are in control of deciding what is best for their students as they teach within a classroom management structure that ensures accountability. Read More

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